Managed Kubernetes
on Hetzner Cloud

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A european alternative to AKS, EKS and GKE.

ISO 27001 compliant infrastructure

All of our services are operated in the EU datacenters of Hetzner Online GmbH

Secure management interface

Access to your clusters is managed by Portainer, a self-service container delivery platform.

Built with portability in mind

All our solutions are built with Polycrate, the DevOps framework, to ensure maximum customizability and portability for your services

Secure by Design

ayedo Fleet is a european product.
The security of your data and safety of your business operations is our biggest concern.

ayedo Fleet

Old-school hosting - new-school tech

ayedo Fleet is a managed container solution that helps businesses of any size to develop, deploy and operate application containers at small and big scale. It has been developed for the european market, combining enterprise-grade security and compliance features with cloud-native technologies like Docker and Kubernetes.

ayedo Fleet is designed for innovative organizations looking for alternatives to US hyperscalers without making compromises on technology and user experience.


250 per month
  • 9GB RAM
  • 9 vCPU
  • 80GB NVMe
  • 20 TB Traffic
  • HA Controlplane
  • Loadbalancer
  • CSI Integration
  • 8x5 Support


250 Cluster/per month
  • 45GB RAM
  • 24 vCPU
  • 240GB NVMe
  • 20 TB Traffic
  • HA Controlplane
  • Loadbalancer
  • CSI Integration
  • 8x5 Support


Custom per month
  • HA Controlplane
  • Custom GB RAM
  • Custom vCPU
  • Custom GB NVMe
  • 20 TB Traffic
  • Loadbalancer
  • CSI Integration
  • Custom SLA

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A managed Kubernetes cluster as consists of at least 3 controlplane VMs, 3 worker VMs and multiple Hetzner Cloud Private Networks, Loadbalancers and Volumes. The actual amount of VMs, Networks, Loadbalancers and Volumes provisioned and the resulting cloud costs depend on the actual usage of the cluster.

Included in the service fee are:

  • the provisioning, management and maintenance of the necessary infrastructure resources at Hetzner Cloud
  • the provisioning, management and maintenance of the Kubernetes cluster components
  • comfortable access to all ayedo Fleet services through a secure control panel
  • 8×5 Professional Support through our chat or ticket system

The product will be offered on Cloud Servers of Hetzner Online GmbH and will be deployed to the customer’s Hetzner Online GmbH account. ayedo will not need full access to the customer’s Hetzner Online GmbH account, only to a single project by means of an appropriately enabled API key.

All prices are net prices. Additional costs occur for the infrastructure resources at Hetzner Online GmbH (“cloud costs”). The amount of vCPU, RAM available is the sum of all compute resources available on the worker nodes of the cluster after accounting for critical systems. The amount of NVMe space is “per worker node”.