Customer onboarding

ayedo provides a well integrated suite of services to make your customer journey as seamless and productive as possible. All of our customer interaction happens through ayedo-hosted tools that we operate ourselves in german datacenters. We firmly believe that this is the only way to guarantee the safety of your data and comply to the GDRP. Additionally, we want to provide our customers with best-in-class tooling to interface with us in a secure and reliable way.

Create your account at ayedo

Everything you do in the ayedo ecosystem depends on your ayedo account provided by ayedo Unified ID. Creating an account is easy and free of charge. You can register with your email address or signup with one of our supported SSO providers.

Once your email address is verified (this happens automatically when you choose to signup with an SSO provider), you have access to the ayedo Chat and the ayedo Ticketsystem. These services are available to all ayedo customers.

If you or your organization are subscribers to the DevOps Accelerator you will gain access to additional support tooling once your account has been reviewed by our team.

Login to the services you need

Services like ayedo GitLab and the ayedo Chat require you to login once before you can have full access to your organization’s data. As such it is best practice to log in to all the services available to you on ayedo Unified ID as part of your onboarding.

As your account may gain elevated rights after our internal review you should do this only after hearing from our team that your account has been given the correct access rights.

Get support

Getting support is as easy as sending an email, opening a ticket start a conversation in the chat.