A Polycrate workspace is a modular system built out of so called blocks. Blocks are dedicated pieces of code/functionality that can be configured using the config stanza in the block configuration (default: block.poly) or the workspace configuration (default: workspace.poly). Blocks expose actions that can be executed using polycrate run $BLOCK_NAME $ACTION_NAME.

Polycrate looks for blocks inside the blocks root (defaults to blocks). Nested directories (e.g. blocks/foo/bar/baz) are allowed.


If a block’s name contains one or multiple slashes (/) and is installed through the registry, it will be saved to a nested directory structure: the block ayedo/k8s/harbor will be saved to blocks/ayedo/k8s/harbor. This also applies to the block’s artifact directory.

Dynamic blocks¶

Blocks can be created dynamically by defining their configuration in the workspace configuration directly. These blocks do not use custom code but only rely on the available tooling inside the Polycrate container.

Dynamic blocks can also inherit their default configuration and workdir from blocks that already exist in the blocks root by using the from: stanza in the block definition.


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