Workflows¶ Polycrate supports workflows, i.e. the ordered execution of block actions.


name: workflow-workspace blocks:

  • name: block-1 actions:
    • name: action-1 prompt: message: “Do you really want to run this action?” script:
      • echo “block 1 action 1”
  • name: block-2 actions:
    • name: action-1 script:
      • echo “block 2 action 1” workflows:
  • name: workflow-1 prompt: message: “Do you really want to run this workflow?” allow_failure: true steps:
    • name: block-1-action-1 block: block-1 action: action-1
    • name: block-2-action-1 block: block-2 action: action-1 prompt: message: “Do you really want to run this step?” You can use polycrate workflows run workflow-1 (or for short polycrate run workflow-1) to execute this workflow.

If the workflow, one if its steps or an action has the prompt stanza with a non-empty message, Polycrate will interrupt the workflow and prompts the user for confirmation. The current workflow/step/action will fail if the user declines. If allow_failure is set to true for a workflow, execution will continue even if individual steps fail.


You can auto-confirm all prompts by using the –force flag.


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